Kingdom Academy of the Arts

Theme Parties

Our “Theme Parties” are designed to turn your next celebration into a treasured memory. Whether it's a birthday, a baby or wedding shower, or special fellowship you are planning, we want you to allow us the opportunity to make it special. From a very feminine dainty tea party to a wild cowboy or Indian theme, we have put together a great selection of parties for you to choose. For additional fun, all participants are encouraged to dress in costume to fit the theme. Kingdom Academy will provide the location, the décor, the set up and tear down and staff to serve your event. Scroll down for some samples of possible parties or call us to inquire about an idea you might have for your special event. Check out our exciting “Theme Parties” or consider renting our facility and you host your special occasion using our venue. Call for facility rental pricing options.


Celebrating “Little House on the Prairie”
Enjoy a ride in a covered wagon, cook over the open fire, whittle, sew, make a corn husk doll, crank ice cream and more.




Celebrating the Pioneer Spirit
Chop wood, whittle, carve, make pioneer crafts, prepare and eat pioneer style food and more.




Celebrating the Life of the Cowboys
Learn to swing a lariat rope, sing campfire songs, handcraft leather, whittle, make a sling shot, eat cowboy food and prepare for the trail.




Celebrating the Life of the Indians
Build a teepee, make Indian crafts, gather and eat wild foods, make and wear war paint, make a sling shot or tomahawk and more.




A Day in the Life of a Prince/Princess
Enjoy the feeling of royalty as you experience a day as a prince or princess. Take a ride in the carriage, be dubbed as a knight, and experience a coronation ball if you like.




Sharing around a Quilt
Enjoy the luxury of sitting around sharing memories as you create a cozy quilt. All participants learn to quilt and take home a special memory.




Celebrating Natural Beauty
Enjoy glamorous and luxurious beauty. Make homemade bath salts, scrubs, and do facials with all natural products. Manicures and Pedicures available also.




Celebrating a Victorian Tea
Experience formal food, tussie-mussies, Victorian crafts and more, while sharing a delicious Victorian tea with friends and family.




Celebrating with Fibers
Select from a variety of fiber crafts for your guests to participate. Learn to knit, crochet, card wool, spin, or weave.




A Gold and Silver Tea
Dainty and delicious treats presented in a metallic arrangement. Enjoy tea time tidbits over the perfect pot of tea. Great for all ages.




A Heart and Hands Tea
Nourish spiritual connections, create special projects, enjoy the coziness of tea and make goodies together with your group. Great for all ages.




Celebrating a Victorian Ball
Experience the thrill of a ball of the Victorian times. Enjoy the fellowship with family and friends as you learn the dances. (An instructor will help you learn the dances.)




Celebrating with Arts and Crafts
Enjoy spending some time with your friends while producing a creation from your own hands. Select from a variety of different art activities including the following: painting (acrylic or watercolor), mosaics, stained glass, candle dipping, weaving, drawing, and more.




Celebrating with a Gingerbread House
Making a gingerbread house is not limited to a Christmas event. What great fun for your next party. Using a variety of materials, many of them edible, all participants will make their own gingerbread house. This one can be expanded to an architectural design using all inedible materials for a more permanent design.



Allow our site and staff to function as hosts and hostesses for your party. The cost includes facility set up, clean up and tear down, service during and before the event. It also includes all linens, serving dishes, and event decor. Instruction and supplies for all special themes are provided as well. When indicated, some of the parties include minimum food items, but if you would like to serve your guests cake and other food, you are welcome to bring it with you. The FULL SERVICE costs are as follows:

  • 5-10 Participants $175.00
  • 11-15 Participants $250.00
  • 16-20 Participants $300.00
  • 21-25 Participants $350.00
  • 26-30 Participants $400.00
  • 31-35 Participants $450.00
  • 36-40 Participants $500.00
  • 41-50 Participants $575.00

The above listed costs are for a three hour FULL SERVICE party. Due to the nature of scheduling individual private parties, Kingdom Academy does not offer online registration for these parties. AVAILABLE NOW IS THE OPTION OF RENTING OUR FACILITY FOR YOUR PARTY AND YOU THROW IT AT OUR VENUE! PLEASE CALL FOR RENTAL PRICES, VERY AFFORDABLE WHILE UNDER CONSTRUCTION. If you are interested in scheduling a party or renting our venue with us, please call or text at 615-663-1517 or email: