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Sewing Class in Murfreesboro (Class is Forming, Call or Email if interested!)

AN OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN TO SEW IS NOW AVAILABLE IN OUR ENRICHMENT PLUS PROGRAM. WE WILL BE WORKING WITH THE PARTICIPANTS ON BOTH HAND AND MACHINE SEWING. In addition to this opportunity, we are currently in the process of scheduling a class either in Murfreesboro or at the farm on Kingdom Road for beginners on the sewing machine. If you are interested in learning to sew this winter, please contact Malinda or Courtney as soon as possible to be a part of the planning and scheduling of the class. An intermediate class is tentatively scheduled to begin next spring after the beginner classes are concluded. Each intermediate participant needs to bring a sewing machine, fabric and pattern. A complete supply list will be emailed to you upon finalizing registration.

Participants choose their own fabric and design for the frayed edge quilt in the beginner class and choose their own pattern and fabric for their dress in the intermediate class. The activities are designed for participants ages 10 years and older. Class sizes are kept very small. Kingdom Academy wants to make sure each participant leaves the class with a enjoyable experience and a finished project. We offer lots of one on one attention from several instructors to ensure each participant has success in learning this skill. Cost: $125/participant (Six Weeks-12 Hours Instruction)

Beginning in late January, call today!

Home of Andrew and Courtney Lara
3548 April Lane
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
Courtney at 931-639-1220 or Malinda at 615-663-1517

This sewing class will provide plenty of one on one instruction.

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