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Maple Syrup Celebration

The Tuggle family grew up in Ohio and making maple syrup was a part of their winter/spring activities on the farm. Now they want to recreate those same memories with their extended family and friends locally. During the month of February 2016, Kingdom Academy launched Maple Syrup Days on the farm in Bell Buckle. Now in 2017, we plan to offer this event on Friday and Saturday, February 24th and 25th. Participants can spend the day celebrating Maple Days on the farm. The day begins with brunch at 9:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm. You can choose to join us for both days or pick the day that best fits your schedule.


Maple Syrup Day Activities:

  • Begin the Day with a Pancake Breakfast: Brunch is served at 9:00: Eggs, Sausage, Bacon and Lots of Pancakes (whole wheat, buckwheat or white flour) and MAPLE SYRUP.
  • Tapping Maple Trees: Learning about several different methods of operation, the participants will tap trees using a variety of tools and equipment.
  • Photo at the Tap: this is a Kodak moment when the tongue is ready to capture the first run of sap from a tree that one just tapped.
  • Identifying the Sugar Maple Tree: This should probably be listed first, the participant must first learn how to tell the maple tree from other trees in the woods, but then also identify the sugar maple from other maple trees.
  • Collecting the Sap: One of our favorite jobs in tromping through the woods collecting the fresh sap.
  • Cooking down the Sap: participants keep the fire going and observe the sap turn to syrup.
  • Wood Splitting: the sap is cooked over a wood fire, so the boys and men especially get the thrill of a mountain man experience.
  • Sampling, Filtering and Jarring the Syrup: we use an egg to purify the syrup and watch it run clear in the filtering process.
  • Maple Sugar and Maple Cream: These are two specialized products that are always a fun experiment.
  • Wintery Acrylic Painting: A great optional activity is sitting by the inside fire and painting a lovely winter scene.
  • Baking Maple Cookies: Using a maple leaf cookie cutter and a maple syrup cookie recipe, enjoy the baking and eating of real maple cookies with maple icing.
  • Tea or Coffee Time:Coffee and Tea both taste better after walking the woods.

FEBRUARY 24 AND/OR 25, 2017

1705 Kingdom Rd
Bell Buckle, TN 37020

The maple syrup is cooked outside on the open fire, so there are plenty of warm places to be both inside and outside at the farm. The activities are designed for participants ages 5 years and older, with advanced projects for students 12 years and older (see activities listed above).

This is 100% pure syrup with no fillers direct from the trees. There is nothing that will ever taste quite as good as that first syrup you made yourself, fresh from the trees and hot off the fire. Friday and/or Saturday Day Camp cost is $25 per day. Participants wanting to attend both days come for a discounted price of $40 for the two day package. No cost for children four years and under. The website cannot calculate family discounts but please know that the family maximum is $100/day. Kingdom Academy will honor that discount at time of payment.

All participants will be served brunch but will need to bring brown bag lunches for a 1:00 lunch break.

This event promises to help your family create fun, family memories!

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